Sheer Bikini Tops

If you want to make a bold statement this summer, get yourself a couple of sheer bikini tops that will really keep everyone’s eyes riveted onto you. These see-through pieces do more than just give a hint of what’s underneath the fabric especially when things get wet and wild on the beach. If you want to learn more about this swimming apparel, here are a few advantages of wearing these threadbare pieces.

Advantages of wearing a sheer bathing suit

*Tan through

If you want to look like the absolute island paradise goddess, skip the tanlines betraying your pasty roots by wearing something that is tan through. Since these flimsy tops are made of thin fabric, the sun’s UV rays can get through, allowing even your intimates to roast to a golden hue. However, too much UV can be bad for you so it’s best to apply a layer of sunscreen to filter out the bad rays.

*Attract attention

Fulfill that fantasy of having men doggedly follow you as you walk across the beach when you don these flimsy upper garments this summer. There are swimsuits that are made of materials that give only a hint of what’s underneath at certain lighting conditions and angles. But when you take a dip into the water, all else is revealed as what once was an innocent-looking piece of clothing becomes the window to your very soul.

*Easy to dry

If you’re the type who doesn’t feel comfortable staying wet for too long, this kind of swimwear is just right for you. Since it is made of thinner fabric, sheer tops dry up faster and easier. A spot in the sunshine for a few minutes combined with the cool ocean breeze can dry your swimsuit in no time.

*How to take care of your see-through tops

Since these little darlings are made of fragile and easily damaged fabrics, it’s also important to know how to take care of these. One should always take a thorough rinse after a dip in the pool or in the sea. Not only does this do good for your skin, but also for your bathing suit that can easily be damaged by salt, chemicals, and even sand. If you’re sunbathing after your swim, take care to not snag or scratch your sheer swimsuit with bare sand or even wooden or metal loungers. Lay out a towel on the surface you want to lie or sit on before plopping down for a spell of sunbathing.

Wash your swimwear after wearing it, using very mild detergent soap and cold water. Don’t dump these flimsy garments in the washer. Instead, get a basin or plug your sink and handwash it yourself. Use gentle scrubbing motions so as not to tear the threads and make it go out of shape. After thoroughly rinsing the swimsuit, line or air dry it.