Micro Bikini Tops

Men will find it hard to keep their eyes focused when you strut your stuff in micro bikini tops this summer. However, you can’t just slip into any style that you see stars and models wear. If you’re the type of girl who’s a bit confused on what type of ladys swimwear will look good on you, you can choose from an array of cuts that can help you flaunt your assets. Thankfully, there are now many designers out there who offer various designs and styles that can help you look good in your favorite swimwear. If you want to augment the appearance of your bust, here are a few tips that can help you out.

Designs to amp up your cleavage

Women who want to make their boobs seem bigger can get away with almost any style of swimsuit, especially if it’s a micro bikini. Amp up your cleavage by wearing swimwear pieces that make your bust look fuller.


Triangle styles work good with those who want to emphasize their assets. If you want to direct attention to them as you walk along the sandy shores, wear gaily-patterned ones. Bold colors and attention-grabbing prints will certainly let this area pop out over your other assets.


Bandeau pieces are perfect for women who want a strapless swimsuit and rock the beach with a girly yet flirty ensemble. Twisted bandeaus and sweetheart necklines give the illusion of fuller breasts while details such as a cuff in the middle also does the trick. Another saving grace for band-type swimsuits is to have a reverse halter strap or string that comes up from between the cleavage to go around the neck. This draws the attention to the cleavage area while the string also provides support when doing strenuous beach activities such as playing beach volleyball or surfing.


The halter can work by pushing together those bosoms to create a cleavage. Halter types also make your shoulders look more defined and toned. Another bust-amping tip is to go with halter bathing suits that have bands at the bottom. This band acts as a flexible underwire by gently pushing up your breasts for a more natural perkiness to them.


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Tankinis with belts

Even if you don’t have the bulges or any imperfections on your middle area to hide, a tankini can still work wonders for you. Tank tops in bright colors can direct the attention to your upper body. Plunging necklines can help make your bust seem fuller by lifting and pushing them together. However, a tankini can work better if they are covered in bold prints or colorful patterns as these can help your breasts pop out more. Belted tanks that have the sashes in the middle can make viewers zone in on one’s middle area, giving the illusion of a small waist, curvy hips, and a fuller top.